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In recognition of what the NTMA does in the region, Northrop Grumman has offered a special tour for our members of a world class facility. Northrop Grumman is responsible for the design and produ..

The Chapter is laying out a plan to get active in supporting what few local educational programs are left in the region. The pool of local talent is drying up and we need to get ideas, people and res..

Getting WET (Water Entertainment Technologies): Looking over our NTMA Tour of WET
From the outside all you see is One letter on each large Building over a long city block spelling out
W E T. What’..

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Get your priorities right and come play golf with the greatest manufacturing companies in Southern California! The 13th Annual Haas/NTMA Summer Shotgun is the premier golfing event in California for manufacturing companies.

Take a moment and make a phone call to your friends or just come alone and we will hook you up with new friends! This year’s application is enclosed so get your mind r..

Date:    June 10, 2016          Event Brochure

Robinson Ranch
27734 Sand Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91387

We move on this month from commercial aviation to our local interest in space.

The local space economy has suffered since the last space shuttle retired 5 years ago. This technological evolution at least temporarily ended the US capability to put people into low earth orbit. Since then major shifts have occurred in government and private space launch. Whether this is good or bad perhaps de..

Date:    May 18, 2016          Event Brochure

Marie Callender’s
19310 Business Center Dr.
Northridge, CA 91324

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