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To stay several steps ahead of the competition, whether that competition is here in the States or overseas, requires a strong business foundation. NTMA's business Management Assistance programs give you the tools you need o strengthen the business side of your shop. Our programs seminars, advisories and reports provide you with business information about everything that contributes to your bottom line.

NTMA helps you make sense out of your business through the following Business Management Assistance programs.

  • Business Management Advisories
  • Operating Costs and Executive Compensation(OCEC) Reports
  • Wage and Fringe Benefit Surveys and Reports
  • Business Seminars
  • Group Discount Programs

Business Management Advisories: Information Every Manager Needs to Know

NTMA's business Management Advisories are your comprehensive guide to useful and usable business information. The advisories are short, concise reports that address a wide variety of subjects and situations. Each advisory provides the essential information you need to better manage your shop and your employees.

Business Management Advisory topics include:

  • Accounting and Finance Individual reports address Financial Management, Cost Control, executive Compensation,, financing Machine Too Purchases, Minimizing Credit Risks, Activity-Based Costing and more.
  • Insurance Individual reports address Insurance Coverage, Safeguarding Profits Through Credit Insurance, Coinsurance, Workers' Compensation, Product Liability, COBRA and more
  • Labor Relations Individual reports address Avoiding Union Organization, NLRB as it Relates to Employers. Hiring Practices, guidelines for an Employee Handbook, Effective Employer Communications, Small Business Under the civil Rights Law, Employees vs. Independent Contractors and more
  • Marketing Individual reports address Introduction to Marketing,. Setting Goals and Devising Strategies, Writing Marketing Plans, Marketing Studies and Analysis and more.
  • Planning Individual reports address Strategic Planning Guidelines, Planning for Profit, Leasing Capital Equipment, Buying/Selling a Business, Personal and Business Estate Planing, Increasing the Value of Your Business and more.
  • Quoting Individual reports address Terms and Conditions of Sale, and the True Costs of Sourcing Abroad.
  • Taxes Individual reports address Travel and Entertainment Expenses, Tax Treatment of Life & Health Plans, and a Depreciation Guide.
  • Technical Individual reports address OSHA Hazard Communication Rules, OSHA Record Keeping Requirements, Hazardous Waste Management, Shop Safety, Preparing Quality Audits, Continuous Improvement, ISO 9000, Patent and Ownership of Patent Rights and more.
  • Training Individual reports address Training: The Unifying Element.
  • Wages and Salaries Individual reports address Company Sponsored Retirement Plans, 401 (k) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, ESOP's and more.


OCEC Reports: Keep Your Costs in Line

How does your operating costs stack up to those of other firms? That's what NTMA Operating Costs and Executive Compensation (OCEC) reports will tell you.

The OCEC report is and apples-to-apples comparison that lets you compare your company's financial performance with other companies in the same product or service categories and sales range as you. By comparing your company with your industry's average, you'll know where your operation is competitive and where you need to make adjustments and improvements.

The report divides the industry into seven categories:

  • Tools & Dies
  • Molds
  • General Precision Machining
  • Aerospace Machining
  • Special Machines
  • Production Operations

Each category is also subdivided by sales dollars.

OCEC reports also provide useful information for establishing performance benchmarks, setting up a business plan, negotiating bank loans, buying or selling similar firms, and as a justification tool during IRS audits. OCEC reports are based on a nationwide survey of NTMA members and are prepared annually.

Wage and Fringe Benefit Surveys: The Negotiation Leverage You Need

Another invaluable comparison tool is the annual NTMA Wage and fringe benefit Survey. The survey enables you to compare wages and benefits by job title and keeps you up-to-date on regional and national trends.




The Wage and Fringe Benefit comparison:

  • Puts you in an excellent position to negotiate wages;
  • Gives you the information you need to create a fringe benefit program for your employees by outlining the types and cost of benefits offered by other members; and
  • Enables you to accurately estimate labor costs when quoting jobs in other parts of the country.

Business Seminars: Information that Saves You Thousands

NTMA and our local chapters continually conduct informative business seminars that reach all facets of improving management skills. Topics range from cost accounting to bookkeeping, taxes, creative financing and more. The seminars provide an interactive format that lets attendees focus on particular subjects or situations.

And just how valuable are these seminars? After putting the information he learned at a creative financing seminar to work, one NTMA member saved more in interest charges one year than he'll ever pay in NTMA dues and travel costs to national meetings.

Group Discount Programs: Can Save You Even More

There is strength in numbers, particularly when it comes to buying at the best price possible. NTMA continually works on its portfolio of group discount programs to help members save on everyday items used in the course of doing business. These include:

  • Garner discount
  • Preferred rates on leasing and financing through the Associates Commercial Corporation
  • Telecommunications, including Internet services. data services, voice services and equipment with integrated access
  • Business insurance

...and more