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Getting You the Information You Need - When You Need It - to Compete and Succeed

To stay competitive in today's marketplace, you need to know:

  • The latest advances in technology.
  • Industry trends and new market opportunities.
  • The latest rules and regulations out of Washington, and what you must do to comply with them.
  • what the overseas competition is up to.
  • What fellow shop owners are doing across the country that could help you.

NTMA regularly provides this important information to our members through various venues and opportunities.

  • Regular publications
  • Special notices
  • Meetings and seminars
  • Surveys and reports
  • Our informative web site at

The Record - Our Monthly Newsletter Keeps You In-The-Know

The Record, NTMA's monthly newsletter, is chock full of information about issues that directly or indirectly affect your business.

  • A Government Affairs roundup about the latest news from Washington, DC.
  • The newest industry trends and technical advances.
  • Information about NTMA programs that can save you money and keep you on the leading edge of the industry.
  • Expert advice on taxes, estate planning and more.
  • News about chapter activities.
  • A calendar of important NTMA events.
  • Information about fellow members.

Need Information Fast? Click on the NTMA Web Site

The NTMA web site at www.ntma,org is the quickest and most efficient way to access the information you need to know to help you with your business. On line there are opportunities to gather or share information, learn about the latest from Washington, DC, buy and sell equipment, find training , and market your company worldwide. There's even a series of online forums where you can discuss various issues wth fellow members all across the country withoyt having to leave your shop, and the latest business news fromNTMA.

On-Line Buyers Guide: A Searchable Database of Member Capabilities.

The On-Line Buyers Guide is a database thath includes a listing of over 1,500 NTMA members and is redilllllly abailable to you customers. On-Line Buyers Guide information includes:

  • Member capabilities
  • Open time available in NTMA member companies

Communications at Your Fingertips

NTMA's web site provides a variety of information and communications opportunities to meet just about all your business needs.

  • The Record Editions of the NTMA newsletter are available to members online