NTMA Southwest Regional Conference

Those who attended the NTMA Southwest Conference in Costa Mesa mingled with member companies from Texas to the greater Northwest. It was a great learning and networking experience that is the most affordable opportunity you will have to experience a major association event. The enclosed event lineup provided updates on industry issues and continuing education on critical management processes.

Seminars included:
• Digital Manufacturing
• How to Prosper in the New Tax Environment
• HR & Employment Laws
• Leadership/Professional Development
• Apprenticeship
• Workforce Development
• A Revolutionary Approach to Shop Floor Scheduling
• Cybersecurity and Your Business

Attendees commented:
• High value, Low cost with invaluable free advice and implementable, best management practices from industry leaders.
• Solutions to the skilled labor shortage: Who is educating and building the future workforce for manufacturing? How are they doing? How will it benefit the industry and your company?
• New Member Benefit: How you and your employees can benefit from the NTMA-U’s accredited, online training with little or no employer/employee investment and no Federal oversight.
• Business Development: Manufacturing in this digital age.
• Politics & Policy: What is going on in Washington and locally that will affect your business?
• Networking: Our Industry Roundtable gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas and get advice from your peers.

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