2020 Regulatory Update

We are hosting a joint meeting with the National Tooling and Machining Assoc. and California Metals Coalition to give you the best overview of 2020 regulatory changes. Presenter Joseph Goldstein, Esq. is a specialist on issues concerning wage and hour changes, PAGA, discrimination and harassment matters. This year has notable changes you must be aware of! This includes hiring, firing, controlling absenteeism, employee breaks, paid/unpaid leave, PAGA, drug free workplace, sexual harassment prevention training requirements, arbitration agreements, independent contractors, and the new lactation accommodation law.

Additionally, James Simonelli of the California Metals Coalition will provide some insight into statewide legislative issues impacting manufacturers. Join us for this special dinner event with our industry partners to prepare for regulatory impacts in 2020.

Date: February 19, 2020 Event Brochure

Place: Industrial Metal Supply 8300 San Fernando Rd Sun Valley, CA 91352

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